Joe Kahn

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Joe Kahn is the Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Condado Tacos. His passion for hospitality started at just 15 years old working at Sizzler and then Pizza Hut. Along the way, he learned to bartend and earned his first management position at The Outpost, a local Chicago venue. After decades of working in all aspects of the restaurant industry, Joe took the plunge to open his own restaurant—which failed. But instead of turning in his apron, he learned from his mistakes, borrowed money from his wife’s 401k, and founded Condado Tacos with several business partners. His focus on creating clean and craveable tacos in an environment that encourages creativity and community was a hit. By 2026, there will be 100 Condado Tacos restaurants! What’s Joe’s secret to success? Treating people well and really great tacos.
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